Funnels With Friends™

A humanized approach to sales on autopilot.
Yes, it’s possible. 
And now there’s a guided program, with a 10-day action plan and prescription, to help you build your first (or next) funnel to your coaching services, information products, or freelance services.
An Easy-to-follow System

You don't just have information dumped on you, you get a logical 10-day path to follow.

A Community of Friends

You will be able to build your funnels, get/give feedback, and lean on the expertise of others.

Tons of Example Funnels

Inside the program, you'll meet 9 avatars and over 45 example funnels and content.

Amazing Downloads and Videos

Program worksheets, swipe files of my exact funnel emails, and more.

This is different from other programs . . .

Funnels With Friends comes with video tutorials


The Funnels With Friends™ program is the result of many things.


I set out to create an ultimate resource on using sales funnels in a humanized way, because I knew that being able to sell books, courses, and services through an automated sequence of resources and emails was something that had reduced a lot of stress in my life and in those of people I’d helped with funnels.


But. Most of the funnel trainings already available were either super expensive, super light on info, not applicable to your type of business, or were made for people who don’t prioritize the human interactions and decisions that are happening with each sale.


I wanted to change that. I know for a fact that even introverts like myself can sell well on autopilot without sacrificing the humanized element of our brands. We can do this through careful content planning and by not creating what I like to call “selfish funnels.”


Funnels that are built for your audience and have their positive experience as a primary goal will typically include more than one action or option (in the likely event that no two audience members are the exact same) and will always cause delight because the funnels themselves will be epic collections of resources.

This program

is packed.

We have examples from “B2C” businesses (brands selling to individuals who are not buying items for their business or as a business) as well as “B2B” brands (if you sell to individuals who ARE buying items for their businesses, to enhance their brands, or as the representative of their businesses).

So, do I get worksheets?0

And does Funnels With Friends have B2C and B2B examples?0

And, do I get to ask questions if I don't understand something?0

Meet your new friends (below).

Psst. Some of them are actually just personas for separate, brands that I run.


Our avatars for Funnels With Friends

Aren’t your new friends too cute?
They’re also here to help your business.

Funnels With Friends™ already includes over 40 amazing funnel examples with our friends above . . . full sequences to give you guidance and ideas!

Example funnels with our avatars

Ready to join us while the program is at a crazy low price?

On-point visuals

Learn from image + text tutorials that will help make sense out of creating meaningful funnels and sequences for your audience.

Custom prescriptions

Based on your answers to a set of questions about your audience and your brand, you will receive a custom prescription for funnel content. Say what?!

A 10-day program

Of course, you can take as long as you like, but the program has a suggested schedule and set of actions to help you meet your funnel goals.


This experience is focused on breaking everything down into the actions you need to take to get your funnels out there.


In the Funnels With Friends™ community, you will find like-minded people to converse with, help, get feedback from, and more.

A customer-focused training

Unlike many other programs, Funnels With Friends™ teaches you how to create sequences that keep your audience’s needs as the first priority.


Ask whatever you want in the community. Your program guide (Regina of and a community manager will be checking in!

Video tutorials

We didn’t just stop at text + image lessons. You will find video tutorials for many of the more “technical” or complex parts of setting up funnels.

So, what will you do during Funnels With Friends™?

Let’s recap. But don’t worry, you’ll also be able to view the full curriculum shortly.

  • 1

    Discover Content Ideas

    All the amazing types of content you can create in your funnels and beyond. Education-focused content ideas, motivational pieces, and even the visuals to help promote them.

  • 2

    Plan Funnels that Matter

    Create content and sequences that are not only meaningful for your audience, but that also help your brand and lifestyle tremendously.

  • 3

    Learn Systems that Work

    With any type of online business where motivating or educating your audience is a good idea.

  • 4

    Learn from Someone Who Has Done It

    I teach business, fitness, and more online and I love it. I want to show you the things I've landed on (from much trial and error) that can help you create an ideal lifestyle and business.

So, what are people saying about this program?

“There’s no escaping the reality that most of us cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth to promote our business. But marketing can be so difficult to do in a way that doesn’t feel icky.


Regina to the rescue!


Funnels with Friends epically walks you through all aspects of choosing, creating, and delivering the right content for you and those you serve – so that you actually feel good about how you advertise yourself! The system she created for understanding the needs and motivations of your unique audience is BRILLIANT and all the example funnels are crazy helpful and entertaining. This program really brought it all together for me and now I have the confidence, clarity, and interest to tackle something that used to excite me about as much as tax law.” — Bunny White
Bunny White Quote

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Example Funnels (and counting!)


Bonus Videos and Workshop Recordings


Customer Types and Content Prescriptions

Hey you. If you're wondering who I am . . .

Hey you. If you're wondering who I am . . .

I’m Regina. And I’ll be your tour guide through Funnels With Friends™. I’ve been blogging for nine years, running online businesses for over five years, and teaching both in person and online for over five years as well.

The concepts I’ve used over the past two years to grow my consistent, recurring, automated income on and have more recently implemented for some non-business brands I run (hello yoga + tips on succeeding as an introvert), are organized into this program in a way I could not be more excited about. I hope to see you on the inside!

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